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When everyone and everything moves faster across your business, innovation and efficiency go through the roof. How can you move faster than fast to ensure your B2B operational processes, like EDI, move swiftly?

This white paper, “Accelerating the Speed of B2B Integration,” can help you better understand the importance of speed and efficiency related to standards like AS2 and ANSI x12, B2B integration and rapid B2B partner on-boarding. Learn how, by using B2B, a SaaS-based pay-as-you-grow model, you can ensure efficiencies that scale across your partner and supplier ecosystem.

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Start-ups, disrupters and entrepreneurs all get it. If you’re not fast, your competitors will be. How can you accelerate manual B2B operational processes like on-boarding partners or invoicing suppliers to do business faster?

Meet B2B, a fully-hosted, SaaS solution that can help you:

  • On-board partners in minutes –not weeks!
  • Get documents in the hands of those who need them most
  • Create a frictionless network that’s always on
  • Adopt a pay-as-you-grow model to keep costs low
  • Maintain control, eliminate silos and centralize your processes
  • Get clarity, intuitive accessibility and easy navigations – in fewer clicks!
  • Use B2B with the industry-leading iPaaS and Hybrid Integration platform to exploit enterprise data in all forms

Handle EDI transactions with ease and deploy and out-of-the-box store of more than 14,000 document types to ensure speed of deployment, speed of use and fast document exchange.

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