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In-Memory Data Management Overview


Customers won’t wait, so your applications must run blazingly fast. That’s why Software AG has made major strides to deliver the market’s top-performing in-memory data management solution—powerful cache, store and compute on a single efficient platform.

Clock the fastest performance for operational and analytical workloads. Only with Software AG’s Terracotta can you use one store for transactions and analytics—that’s just smarter for real-time business. You no longer need to duplicate and move data for computations. And by moving data off the mainframe to in-memory, not only can you access data lightening-fast, you also can drastically reduce MIPS costs.

Manage your data for maximum impact:

  • Go big—store massive amounts of data in-memory
  • Go fast—gather, sort and analyze data faster than your competition with extremely low latency
  • Scale out to TBs of data with 99.999% availability and instant fail-over

If you’re in the race to access, update and search operational data, do faster analytics or accelerate microservices, find the speed you need with Terracotta. See why Terracotta is the first-choice platform for distributed in-memory data management with 2.5 million+ deployments in 190+countries and used by 70 percent of the Global 1000.

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