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Achieve measurable software performance success faster.

When it comes to digitizing your business, Software AG Consulting gives you a head start with Performance.Ready. Put our experience and best practices to work for you. This “packaged expertise” accelerates your digitization with real-world knowledge.

Performance.Ready includes:

  • Predefined content—including 500 industry-specific processes, samples and best practices to save you more than 750 man days
  • Tools—to speed up implementation projects and reduce errors, gaps and redundancies
  • Built-in methodologies—valuable insight from our decades of experience working with thousands of organizations worldwide

With Performance.Ready, you’ll hit your targets faster. Achieve quick and measurable success instead of coincidental results.

Build on our industry expertise. Choose from more than 20 packages spanning a wide range of industries, from banking and healthcare to logistics and oil & gas.
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How you benefit

Start right
  • Plan your transformation to becoming a Digital Enterprise
  • Analyze your processes within your organization
  • Use the right architecture, the right enablement plan as well as the right methodology to succeed
  • Jump start your projects with industry-specific templates, samples and best practices
  • 500 detailed processes save more than 750 man days
Implement smart
  • Applying smart framework, smart guidance and smart tools leads to fast adjustment to business model changes
  • Performance.Ready provides software tools to speed up implementation projects—for example, for migrations and upgrades
  • 30 percent reduction of requirement definition
Grow value
  • Faster time-to-market and value increases your ROI
  • 50 percent reduction of compliance-related costs
  • Expand your business with our market-leading software and improve the quality of processes and IT
  • Use the best-defined processes, avoid system breaks and improve communication among employees
  • Employ easy-to-use tools and common, proven standards
  • Additional content blocks, such as Performance.Ready - Quickstart, Performance.Ready - Architecture and those on horizontal topics, like CRM and supply chain, enhance the efficiency of your project
Scale know-how
  • Leverage industry best practices with more than 500 industry-specific processes
  • Benchmark against proven processes
  • Gain the ability to show the processes that are running in IT

Ideal use cases

Business Process Analysis

Ready-to-use best-practice processes and frameworks—based on 20+ years of industry experience—help you put the best digital processes to work faster. Use Performance.Ready for:

  • Process optimization
  • Process harmonization and standardization
  • Global process roll outs
Business Process Management

Improve the speed, transparency and agility of your business processes. With Performance.Ready, you can:

  • Share, collaborate and align people and departments for process automation
  • Accelerate your webMethods implementation
  • Get value-added assistance for your implementation on a technical and operational basis
  • Speed up tool integration of market-leading ARIS business process analysis with webMethods BPM
Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Gain a single point of management over thousands of complex compliance requirements:

  • Unified Compliance Framework content lets you map IT controls in ARIS across international regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Select the regulations that apply to you and immediately begin to schedule and execute controls
  • Predefined ARIS models help you better manage and mitigate risks
  • Eliminate duplicate efforts by asserting compliance across multiple authority documents simultaneously

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Portfolio Management

We’ll help you reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to change the IT portfolio. With Performance.Ready, you’ll have the benefit of:

  • An Alfabet configuration package that’s easy to use, extendable and customizable
  • Pre-defined (and adjustable) reference data
  • A best-practice collection of 10 years of enterprise architecture and portfolio management

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SAP Implementations

Achieve faster time-to-value for SAP solutions:

  • ARIS process models are synchronized with SAP Solution Manager
  • You can automatically generate blueprints for processes and process areas—for example, human resources and finance
  • Documents contain process models, RICEF information and links to related documentation, affected roles and SAP transactions on a process-step level
SAP Redocumentation

Save thousands of hours documenting your SAP system. Our Performance.Ready Redocumentation service provides you with complete, automatically generated documentation on your SAP system in 10 days:

  • Speed up your next SAP or process optimization project
  • Save time in modeling as-is processes
  • Check the quality of your current process documentation
  • Learn how to use your SAP system to its full potential
  • Get quality results—with little to no effort by your team
  • Use live process models from Software AG as reference content (Performance.Ready) and as a starting point for process documentation with ARIS for SAP Solutions
  • Keep maintenance, update and optimization costs under control with detailed knowledge of your actual business processes and SAP usage
  • Reconcile the requirements of all units within the organization

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SAP? and SAP? Solution Manager are the registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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Add efficiency with easy add-ons.

Stay ahead of business demands by using proven tools developed by experienced Software AG consultants. No one knows our products better! Our Software AG performance tools are the result of decades of experience in hundreds of projects. Count on them to accelerate your transformation into a Digital Enterprise, and make your ongoing usage of the webMethods and ARIS platforms more comfortable and efficient.

Choose from these tools:

webMethods tools

Configuration Management for webMethods Ensure your solutions work everywhere with our configuration management tool. Integrate your deployment chain. Spend 90 percent less manual effort on configuration management and up to two-thirds less effort on staging management.
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Local Development Plugin for webMethods Designer

Simplify version management. Use the designer plug-in for local development that enhances your Designer Workstation. The tool simplifies your version management and distributed development and supports multiple VCS systems and Java? development and debugging.

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Logger for webMethods

Enjoy fast and efficient logging. WxLog is a lightweight wrapper around the Logback Java logging framework. It provides a simple Java and webMethods Integration Server (IS) service interface to Logback and adds useful IS metadata to each log event. WxLog includes features such as lightweight service wrappers around Logback and more.

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Documentation Generator for webMethods

Generate documentation automatically. Technical code documentation is tedious and often out-of-sync with reality. Documentation Generator for webMethods solves this problem: It automatically generates documentation and improves your documentation quality by ensuring it always reflects the latest code.

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Analyzer for webMethods

Get code insights in seconds. Don’t spend months on what could be done in seconds! Choose the Analyzer for webMethods to quickly gain insights into complexity and scale of your integration code base. The analyzer reports on the overall implementation and supports estimation processes for large-scale migrations and upgrades.

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ARIS tools

Document Generator for ARIS

Generate manuals in Microsoft? Word in half the time and, at the same time, reduce errors, gaps and redundancies. Choose from different manual design variations and quickly modify the design with just a few clicks.

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Controlled Content Lifecycle

Improve the efficiency and control of your ARIS content life cycle. Move ARIS content through the review and approval (life) cycle in a fast, secure and user-friendly way.

Synchronization Preparation in ARIS for SAP Solutions

Before synchronizing ARIS for SAP Solutions to SAP Solution Manager, certain prerequisites have to be fulfilled. Use our sync prep report, instead of manually maintaining attributes and symbols, to save time, reduce errors and check for breaks in modeling conventions.

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Segregation of Duty for ARIS

When designing processes and applications, you need to consider the functional separation of organizations and roles that legal specifications often require. Our segregation of duties tool helps you analyze violations predictively, quickly. Keep processes compliant by updating governance, risk and compliance rule sets. Automatically recognize new conflicts and violations in the design phase.

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SAP? is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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