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In the new API economy, an API portal is an essential tool for companies seeking to exploit the utility of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). An API portal enables companies to easily share information and data across real-time, distributed cloud and mobile applications. By exposing APIs to a broader community of developers, an API portal can help to reach new customers, create new sources of revenue and unlock the business value of existing corporate assets.

Software AG’s webMethods API-Portal, a new addition to the Software AG API Management Platform, offers a consumer-centric UI for the discovery of APIs by both internal and third-party developers.

An API portal from Software AG

Software AG’s webMethods API-Portal provides a comprehensive solution that allows the developer community to find, learn about, discuss and test your APIs. This API portal not only exposes API documentation to developers inside and outside of your organization but also manages the developer on-boarding process and lets developers use exposed APIs for new and creative uses.

Software AG’s new API portal offer significant benefits for companies working on API monetization, including:

  • An intuitive user interface and highly customizable “look and feel”
  • A single solution for both external and internal developers
  • Analytics at the API portal to help you better understand your users
  • Strong API security through the use of API keys and OAuth2 credentials support
  • Seamless integration with other webMethods components, including CentraSite, Software AG’s SOA governance and SOA life-cycle management solution

Features of Software AG’s API portal

webMethods API-Portal offers comprehensive features to help your company jump on board the new API economy, including:

  • Automatic synchronization, enabling all API documents to be automatically generated from the enterprise API catalog metadata, eliminating duplicate maintenance of API descriptions
  • Customizable “look and feel,” allowing the API portal to be branded to comply with your company’s corporate identity.
  • Rich descriptions of APIs, examples of how to use them, and file attachments for additional documentation to provide all the information developers need
  • Built-in usage analytics to help you understand where your visitors are coming from, what pages they are most interested in and which APIs are the most popular among developers
  • Full text search capabilities, allowing developers to quickly find the APIs they’re looking for
  • Integrated API testing letting developers easily test APIs directly within the portal to see firsthand how the API works
  • A collaborative community environment so users can rate APIs and participate in open discussions with other developers

In addition to providing an API portal with many comprehensive features, Software AG also offers solutions for B2B integration, SOA services and more.

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Explore API management with Software AG

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