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Effective application portfolio management tools are critical to competitiveness. As your business and your IT environment evolve, the portfolio of applications you need to support the business becomes increasingly complex and difficult to manage. You need to be able to upgrade existing applications, add new systems and jettison obsolete software that may be causing performance to degrade. But without clear visibility into how applications are related, who’s using them and how they support the business, it’s impossible to make decisions with confidence.

The right application portfolio management software can help by enabling you to understand what you have in place, how it fits together, what you can get rid of or upgrade, and what you’re going to need to support the business moving forward.

Alfabet IT Planning and Portfolio Management from Software AG is a superior application portfolio management solution that provides decision-makers with insight into applications and the IT portfolio, enabling them to make the right IT investment decisions to better align IT with business needs.

Application portfolio management solutions from Software AG

Alfabet IT Planning and Portfolio Management is a leading IT and application portfolio management software solution for organizations that want to increase IT investment returns and reduce the risk of IT transformation by better understanding why, where, when and how to make changes in the IT portfolio.

The Alfabet IT and application portfolio management solution provides you with a high-level view of how your application, project and technology portfolios are interrelated, how changes in one portfolio will affect the others and how each portfolio supports various business capabilities.

With this application portfolio management Software AG solution, you can:

  • Improve IT portfolio management to align IT with business strategy
  • Manage changes to your application and IT portfolios consistently and transparently
  • Provide stakeholders with a collaborative platform for making decisions about business architecture, IT portfolios and application architecture

Comprehensive IT and application portfolio management

Software AG’s application portfolio management solution enables you to stay competitive on making the right decisions regarding your application strategy.

With Alfabet, you can:

  • Quickly analyze the impact on your application portfolio of different business events, including product launches, acquisitions, divestitures and entry into new markets
  • Increase agility, reduce costs and improve application health through sophisticated analyses of your application portfolio
  • Provide stakeholders with current and reliable information on applications, enabling them to make better and timelier decisions
  • Support IT risk assessments, product design and other IT management processes that require reliable information about the application portfolio

Alfabet also includes capabilities for project portfolio management, IT portfolio management and service portfolio management.

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