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B2B integration | Software AG

B2B integration technology is an increasingly important enterprise tool. As businesses become more tightly integrated with partners in manufacturing, distribution and the B2B supply chain, the ability to share information efficiently becomes a competitive differentiator. Purchase orders, advanced ship notices, bills of lading, delivery verification and invoices must all be exchanged and managed consistently, reliably, securely and, in this digital age, nearly instantaneously.

The right B2B integration and Managed File Transfer (MFT) technology can dramatically reduce the complexity of the exchange of information between partners. That’s why so many leading enterprises turn to Software AG’s webMethods Trading Networks, a software solution that lets businesses exchange critical B2B data efficiently and securely across worldwide trading networks.

B2B integration with Software AG

Software AG’s webMethods Trading Networks is a scalable, easy-to-manage gateway for doing business with trading partners worldwide. Built on webMethods Integration Server, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that automates B2B transactions, this B2B integration solution enables accurate, real-time exchange of information with customers, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and other partners.

webMethods Trading Network helps to automate and streamline B2B integration, eliminating the extra hardware and EDI software licenses and maintenance fees usually associated with multiple B2B integration systems. With increased visibility into critical partner-centric data exchanges, this B2B integration technology helps to improve partner collaboration and customer satisfaction. And by consolidating transactions on a scalable, easy-to-manage B2B gateway, you can exchange B2B documents worldwide with support for all EDI and XML-based standards.

What is B2B integration and what do the key benefits include:

  • Achieving real-time B2B integration through comprehensive and robust standards
  • Exchanging information in real time with businesses of any size and technical capability
  • Growing your trading communities by automating support for on-ramping new partners
  • Reducing infrastructure and costs by consolidating deployments through a centralized B2B gateway
  • Transferring documents reliably with secure EDI over the Internet using SSL


With a rich set of B2B integration tools, webMethods Trading Networks enables you to automate B2B transactions, consolidate B2B integration infrastructure, improve compliance with industry standards, and gain greater visibility into B2B transactions.

With this B2B integration solution, you can:

  • Create and process all types of document formats, from traditional EDI documents, XML-based documents and flat file documents like spreadsheets
  • Use a shared administrative infrastructure to automate and manage partners more easily
  • Streamline partner management with self-service capabilities that enable partners to track and manage their own transactions
  • Meet compliance requirements with stringent role-based access

In addition to providing leading B2B integration solutions, Software AG also provides solutions for the API economy, application modernization, real-time messaging and more.

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