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Customer experience management software, or CEM software, is playing a big role in helping telecommunications companies to improve customer loyalty today. As competition for customers has become increasingly intense and marketing tactics have become more aggressive, successful telco companies have sought to reduce churn by employing CEM software and a more customer-centric approach. Using real-time personalization, CEM software enables companies to deliver timely offers and messages that are directly aligned with a customer’s behaviors and needs. With the right CEM software solution, a telco can improve service, increase loyalty, fend off competitors and retain more customers.

For companies seeking a powerful CEM software solution, Software AG offers the Apama customer engagement platform.

Leading CEM software from Software AG

Apama is a market-leading platform for performing streaming analytics and automated action on quickly moving real-time big data. As a leading CEM software solution, Apama combines complex event processing, in-memory data management, data visualization and messaging to provide the most complete solution for turning relentless data streams into meaningful metrics.

With Apama CEM software, telco companies can make dramatic improvements in personalization of marketing and customer offers, matching customer preferences and transactions to marketing campaigns in real time. This customer-centric approach is so effective that it typically generates a tenfold increase in positive response rates over mass distribution of more generic offers.

The features of this CEM software include tools for:

  • Real-time customer engagement with context-aware promotions based on real-time location and activity information
  • Campaign management with the ability to use built-in campaigns or quickly build and deploy custom campaigns
  • Integration with social media and existing CRM and campaign management systems
  • Real-time reporting and data visualization

Benefits of Apama CEM software

Software AG’s CEM software enables telecommunications companies to:

  • Personalize communications with customers by monitoring massive amounts of static and real-time streaming data to detect events in customer behavior, correlate them, associate particular events with a specific customer profile and historical information and use that data to guide customer interaction
  • Counter aggressive marketing efforts by competitors by implementing new, highly targeted and customized marketing programs “on the fly” with little or no assistance from IT
  • Reduce churn by identifying at-risk customers through their behavior and taking action to address their dissatisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty and cross-sell opportunities by providing the right customers with the right offers at precisely the right time
  • Turning customer segmentation into a “segment of one” with the ability to identify the needs and preferences of individual customers and deliver a unique experiences, messages and offers

Beyond providing CEM software solutions, Software AG also provides solutions for cloud data integration, energy analytics and more.

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Learn more about Apama for CEM

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