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Complex event processing | Software AG

Complex event processing is fast becoming a critical technology for competitive enterprises. Organizations have never before had access to so much valuable data from markets, sensors, mobile devices, clickstream analysis and other sources. And as data flows into the organization at ever-faster speeds, it takes enormously powerful complex event processing technology to capture it, analyze it and transform it into usable intelligence. With the right solution, enterprises can rely on complex event processing tools for everything from customer experience management to supply chain visibility to fraud detection in financial markets.

Software AG’s Apama Streaming Analytics is a market-leading platform that uses the world’s fastest complex event processing engine to turn fast-moving data streams into meaningful real-time intelligence.

Software AG’s complex event processing solution

Apama Streaming Analytics combines complex event processing, messaging, in-memory computing and visualization to help organizations gain insight from the vast amounts of data at their disposal. Apama’s complex event processing engine can rapidly correlate and aggregate information, detecting patterns across large volumes of fast-moving data from multiple sources to deliver timely intelligence. Recognized as a leader by the analysts, Apama is the most technically complete and business-ready complex event processing platform on the market today.

With Software AG’s complex event processing solution, you can:

  • Design and visualize real-time analytics, creating business dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators and drilling down into results
  • Test scenarios on previously captured streams of data before deploying
  • Connect to streaming and static data with low-latency, high-throughput connectivity
  • Cache static data for fast, in-memory access
  • Detect and analyze patterns in real time
  • Perform more in-depth quantitative analysis of data with access to third-party analytics libraries
  • Trigger low-latency actions automatically without user input

Benefits of a powerful complex event processing engine

Software AG’s complex event processing technology provides powerful advantages to enterprises in every industry. FX e-commerce firms use Apama complex event processing to stay ahead of fast-moving foreign exchanges by viewing connected markets on a single screen and offering the best prices while managing risk. Financial firms rely on the speed of Software AG’s complex event processing engine for market surveillance, quickly detecting abusive or rogue trading and responding quickly to protect clients and revenues. Complex event processing provides marketing organizations with capabilities for real-time personalization. And credit card companies improve fraud detection and prevention by using complex event processing products to identify unusual behaviors across multiple channels and millions of transactions each day.

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Learn more about the Apama complex event processing engine

See how Apama enables real-time market surveillance

See how Apama helps prevent fraud

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