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Reducing churn is essential to profitability and competitiveness in the telecommunications industry, and innovative customer experience management software can help. Because it costs significantly more money to attract new customers than to retain existing customers, focusing on customer experience management can yield better results at a lower cost. With the right CEM software solution, a telco can measure of customer satisfaction accurately, identify why customers are leaving and remediate the issues leading to churn. By better understanding customer needs and behaviors, telcos can increase customer loyalty. And by using real-time personalization to provide customers with the right offer at the right time, telecommunications companies can more easily capitalize on cross-sell and upgrade opportunities.

For a leading customer experience management solution, more telecommunications companies today turn to Apama from Software AG.


Software AG’s Apama is a market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action. Combining one of the world’s streaming analyticsfastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines with tools for messaging, in-memory data management and data visualization, the Apama platform simplifies customer experience management by turning massive amounts of real-time big data into meaningful real-time metrics.

Features of the Apama platform include:

  • Real-time customer engagement capabilities for immediate and personalized marketing promotions and context-aware promotions based on real-time location and activity information
  • Customer service tools that enable instant identification and remediation of service level issues
  • Campaign management tools, including built-in campaigns and the ability to quickly deploy custom campaigns, that enable telcos to manage campaigns more easily
  • Integration tools that let simplify integration of Apama customer experience management initiatives with social media and existing CRM and campaign management systems
  • Reporting features with real-time reporting and data visualization tools to track campaign progress more easily


With Apama, telecommunications companies can:

  • Deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time by analyzing historical and real-time data on customer preferences and behaviors to determine needs and select appropriate offers
  • Narrow customer segmentation to a “segment of one,” delivering a unique experience to every customer to increase the likelihood of conversion and improve customer loyalty
  • Defend against aggressive marketing tactics of competitors by implementing new programs to target at-risk customers with little or no assistance from IT

In addition to providing a solution for customer experience management, Software AG also offers other solutions for omni-channel fulfillment, order orchestration and more.

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