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Effective Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is critical to competitiveness and IT transformation. By providing the tools to understand how effectively and efficiently IT is supporting business goals, EAM enables enterprises to better align IT with business strategy and to develop the IT architecture required to take the enterprise forward.

Software AG’s Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform offers a collaborative platform for aligning the IT landscape with business goals in order to guide competitive transformation.

EAM from Software AG

The Alfabet EAM Platform delivers the tools you need to improve IT architecture management, synchronize IT with business goals, and improve IT governance, risk and compliance. With Software AG’s EAM solution, you can more easily increase agility and flexibility, improve compliance and control, and innovate more quickly to ensure business results.

This EAM solution provides a proven methodology for aligning IT with business and includes out-of-the-box EAM planning processes that help to achieve shorter implementation times and faster value delivery. Integrated standard software modules based on ERP principles help to keep planning information reliable and up to date.

Alfabet EAM also enables you to:

  • Get an accurate, real-time picture of the business architecture landscape, with a view of all applications, the technologies they run on and the business processes they support
  • Maintain consistency and transparency of your enterprise architecture landscape through use of an integrated repository for IT and business
  • Reduce costs and eliminate redundancies by defining IT standards and improving purchasing and managing of licenses and upgrades
  • Make better decisions on standards through collaboration with all relevant stakeholders
  • Understand the relationships between business processes and the applications that support them and gain clear insight into the impact of change on business and IT

Benefits of Software AG’s comprehensive EAM solution

Alfabet EAM offers significant benefits to the enterprise. With a real-time picture of the IT landscape and application architecture, you can better understand the complexity of enterprise architecture and all the inter-relationships between applications, technologies and business processes. Alfabet EAM also enables you to improve planning and address urgent directives to reduce costs, eliminate redundancies, improve purchasing, and manage licenses and upgrades. With Software AG’s EAM solution, enterprises can more easily envision what their IT infrastructure needs to be to support future business objectives and chart a road map to get there. And with methodologies for relating business to IT in a strategy-building process, Alfabet EAM enables more effective IT transformation by ensuring that business objectives remain at the heart of IT strategy.

In addition to EAM, Alfabet product family also includes solutions for IT planning and project portfolio management.

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