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As technologies like big data, mobile, the cloud and social media continue to revolutionize the marketplace, organizations need an flexible and adaptive enterprise architecture in order to remain competitive. With the right enterprise architecture, companies can quickly respond to changing market conditions. They can easily adapt as new technologies open up new opportunities. They can reach customers in new ways and scale on demand to meet new requirements.

Designing the optimal enterprise architecture not only requires a clear sense of what the organization needs, but of what the organization has in existing technologies and how they contribute to business activities. When seeking solutions to guide IT transformation for better Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), leading companies around the world turn to Software AG.

Enterprise architecture management with Software AG

Software AG’s Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform provides the tools that organizations need to align the IT landscape with the business in order to guide digital transformation.

With Alfabet, enterprises can gain a clear understanding of how complex IT systems provide value for business, application, information and technical layers and use this information to develop standards for change. Alfabet delivers an accurate, real-time picture of the IT landscape that details the inter-relationships between technologies, as well as the information they exchange and the business processes and organizations they support. With Alfabet, enterprises can design and implement an IT architecture that optimally supports business activities and meets business demands.

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform also enables you to:

  • Use an integrated repository for business and IT to ensure consistency and transparency of your enterprise architecture landscape
  • Better define IT standards in order to eliminate redundancies, reduce costs and improve purchasing and managing of licenses and upgrades
  • Create standardization reports to confirm standards compliance in applications
  • Improve collaboration with stakeholders to better understand technology needs and usage and to make decisions on standards more effectively
  • Document and understand the relationships between a business process and the applications that support it
  • Understand how change in enterprise architecture will impact the business and IT

Benefits of Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

With solution for managing enterprise architecture with Software AG tools, you can:

  • Deliver business results by aligning IT structures with business objectives and processes
  • Improve governance, risk and compliance with a holistic approach to governance and by enforcing compliance controls more effectively
  • Increase agility and flexibility with an enterprise architecture that is ideally suited to meet business challenges and demands
  • Accelerate innovation by increasing transparency into the IT landscape

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