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Governance, Risk and Compliance Management software, or GRC software, can help enterprises confidently meet internal and external legal requirements while effectively managing risk. But choosing the right GRC software is critical. Because both excessive risk and excess of governance are bad for business, your GRC software must use smart technologies and processes to take the complexity out of managing GRC and help you find the optimal balance of risk and governance.

Software AG’s GRC software—the ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Platform—takes advantage of innovative digital technologies to help you to manage GRC more easily and efficiently. Our GRC software lets you leverage your existing IT investments to lower your total cost and provides an integrated GRC solution that delivers maximum control, transparency, efficiency and simplicity.

A leader in GRC software

Named a leader by the analysts for Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms, Software AG’s GRC software is a process-driven risk management solution that combines Business Process Analysis (BPA) with audit-proof workflows that turn risk and compliance management into a strategic management tool.

The ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Platform enables you to:

  • Assess and manage risk by identifying, documenting, assessing and reporting on financial impacts and risk probability. This GRC software can help you simulate risks in a specific business process and reduce risk through appropriate measures and controls.
  • Identify and solve issues by creating workflows and initiating improvements for issues that have been identified. With Software AG’s GRC software, you can document issues from creation to completion, track and follow up on issue-related action items, and determine clear responsibilities for issue resolution.
  • Manage controls and monitor performance by building in a more effective internal control system. This risk management software provides predefined workflows that automatically trigger notifications, management dashboards for managing and tracking performance and robust reporting for proving compliance to external auditors.

What you can do with our GRC software

Software AG’s governance, risk and compliance management solution delivers significant benefits for your enterprise. With this GRC software, you can:

  • Manage compliance with confidence. Establish the necessary internal measures and controls to ensure compliance and a regular schedule to assess the effectiveness. Adapt quickly to new laws and regulations, and respond more efficiently to overlapping regulatory requirements.
  • Manage risk more efficiently. Minimize risks and penalties by identifying, documenting and assessing risk using heat maps and bow tie methodology to visualize and analyze risk status.
  • Manage policy more easily. Improve corporate governance with visibility into the life cycle of every policy, from creation to assessment of its effectiveness.
  • Manage audits with less cost. Re-use best practices for different audits and reduce the cost of staff time required to schedule audit-related tasks, manage paperwork, organize findings and report results.

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Learn more about ARIS for GRC management

Learn about designing the best digital processes with ARIS

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