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Managing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is more complex than ever today, but the right GRC solution or risk management software can help. Balancing risk and governance is an enormous challenge in an ever-evolving regulatory climate, but smart technologies and a sophisticated GRC solution can help you do it easily and efficiently. With a superior GRC solution, you can confidently meet internal and external legal requirements while expertly managing risk.

Software AG provides a leading GRC solution in the ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Platform, a process-driven risk management solution that combines Business Process Analysis (BPA) with audit-proof workflows, enabling you to make governance, risk and compliance management a strategic initiative.

Software AG’s GRC solution

The ARIS GRC software solution provides an integrated approach to managing compliance, risk, policy and audits. This GRC solution executes all risk management and compliance topics in a central ARIS repository, enabling you to maximize control, transparency, efficiency and simplicity.

With Software AG’s compliance management software and GRC solution, you can:

  • Comply with confidence, establishing controls and acceptable levels of risk while staying in alignment with organizational objectives and policies
  • Respond quickly to new regulations, breaking down legislation into control requirements that can be handled more easily
  • Increase business agility by identifying the root cause of compliance problems and acting quickly to resolve them
  • Lower the risk of penalties for lack of compliance
  • Protect your organization and top leadership by identifying risks, evaluating their financial impact and probability, and defining measures to minimize them
  • Analyze risk exposure by simulating risk events along defined business process chains, and defining risk probabilities and damage distributions
  • Reduce complexity by integrating all regulatory requirements into a GRC solution with a single Internal Control System
  • Enhance monitoring and reporting with desktop and mobile dashboards

Capabilities of the GRC solution from Software AG

Software AG’s GRC solution provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing governance, risk and compliance. This compliance management solution includes:

  • Control testing with tools to create and monitor controls after identifying compliance risks
  • Operational risk management tools for identifying and documenting financial, security and other risks
  • Regulatory change management features for quickly and easily analyzing which business elements are affected by regulatory changes
  • Incident and lost management tools, including a comprehensive workflow to help you create, process and analyze relevant values
  • Survey management capabilities, including periodic or one-time surveys and questionnaires with predefined scores
  • Issue management tools that let you create issues for problems and weaknesses and let others know quickly about them for fast resolution
  • Policy management capabilities for mapping policies to business context with clearly defined responsibilities, affected processes, entities and more

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