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Hybrid integration | Software AG

For enterprises seeking to combine cloud-based applications with on-premises applications, hybrid integration solutions are becoming an essential technology. Hybrid integration architecture enables companies to keep and maintain the technology investments they’ve made and the systems they rely on while taking advantage of the benefits of new functionality, greater performance and lower costs of cloud-based applications.

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Cloud is a cloud data integration solution that supports hybrid integration of ERP, CRM and warehouse management applications with cloud-based technologies. Offered as an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), this innovative solution makes it possible for “citizen developers” to quickly and easily configure integrations through an easy-to-use interface.

Hybrid integration with webMethods Integration Cloud

Software AG’s solution provides comprehensive capabilities for hybrid integration and SaaS integration that include:

  • A browser-based interface, accessible from tablets and mobile devices, that offers guided development and wizards to help less-experienced users create integrations quickly and easily
  • Application connectors that offer out-of-the-box connectivity to common SaaS applications
  • Drag-and-drop transformation, mapping and enrichment tools that enable citizen developers to work more efficiently
  • Full development life-cycle support with development environments called “stages” which make it possible to implement a rigorous software development life-cycle process in the cloud
  • On-premises connectivity with webMethods Integration Server to create reliable and secure hybrid integration
  • Multi-tenant architecture that allows multiple organizations to work with their own production environment while sharing a single development execution environment

Benefits for hybrid integration

Software AG’s hybrid integration solution offers maximum security and reliability as you integrate cloud-based solutions with existing on-premises applications. That means you can continue to rely on and get value from the many strategic technology investments that you’ve made over the years.

This hybrid integration technology also enables you to reduce the workload of your internal IT team by enabling other non-experts in departments throughout the organization to easily configure hybrid integration. Putting hybrid integration tools into the hands of citizen integrators who know their data integration needs better than anyone else enables departments to get up and running faster with cloud-based applications.

Adding new cloud-based applications brings inevitable integration challenges and the risk of creating information silos in the cloud. webMethods Integration Cloud helps to eliminate new integration stovepipes, enabling you to get maximum benefit from your investment in cloud technology.

In addition to our hybrid integration solution, Software AG also provides an SAP Solution for the digital enterprise as well as API portal and data governance solutions.

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Learn more about webMethods Integration Cloud

See how to collaborate on processes in the cloud

Find out how to quickly build agile applications

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