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IT governance is playing an increasingly important role in achieving business results. IT governance helps enterprises align IT architecture and strategy with business goals to ensure that the right technology will be in place to support the organization as it moves forward. With a well-developed IT governance framework, enterprises can better accommodate the needs and interests of stakeholders, measure IT results and understand the return on investment that the company is making in its business architecture.

Successful IT governance requires a platform for understanding the existing IT landscape, aligning systems with business goals and establishing a foundation for IT transformation. Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) from Software AG provides a comprehensive IT governance solution.

IT governance with Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Alfabet provides all the tools enterprises need to develop a strong IT governance framework and manage IT transformation. With Alfabet, organizations can:

  • Gain insight into IT and application architecture with a real-time picture of the enterprise architecture landscape, including all applications, the technologies they run on and the business processes they support
  • Increase consistency and enhance transparency of the enterprise architecture landscape with an integrated repository for business and IT
  • Define IT standards in order to reduce costs, avoid redundancies and improve management of licenses and upgrades
  • Provide a collaborative platform where all relative stakeholders can better grasp how technology is used and make better decisions about standards
  • Understand relationships between business processes and supporting applications by connecting to Software AG’s ARIS BPA
  • Get clear insight into how changes to the enterprise architecture will impact business and IT

Benefits for IT governance

Alfabet provides a holistic approach to IT governance. With Alfabet, organizations can establish enterprise-wide policies for the design, implementation and automation of EA processes. Automated workflows, monitors and notifications help to embed governance and the EA practice. With Alfabet, enterprises can:

  • Increase project control and develop auditable processes
  • Assess the impact of technology-related risks on business operations
  • Enforce compliance more effectively and create transparency about the fulfillment of compliance issues
  • Define EA responsibilities more clearly
  • Gain deeper insight into information security risks and threats
  • Improve the quality of developed solutions

By aligning IT structures with business objectives and processes, Alfabet helps to put in place and IT governance framework to ensure that IT transformation goes hand in hand with the transformation the business.

In addition to solutions for IT governance, the Alfabet product family also includes solutions for IT planning as well as IT and service portfolio management.

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