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An integration platform is essential for organizations seeking to take advantage of new technologies for cloud, mobile, social and big data. Application integration isn’t a new discipline, but with the rapid evolution of new technologies and devices, you need a superior integration platform to be able to reap the benefits of these trends while avoiding the risks. With the right integration platform you can adopt the latest technology more easily, innovate more quickly and integrate applications no matter where they are deployed—in the cloud, within your firewalls or on-site at one of your partners.

Software AG provides an integration platform with best-of-breed technology that is rated highly by independent analysts and enables you to easily manage your evolving enterprise architecture.

webMethods Integration Platform from Software AG

Software AG’s webMethods integration platform is a suite of proven solutions that enables enterprises to rapidly integrate services, devices, systems, processes, data and business partners. With Software AG’s integration platform you can quickly connect all systems and applications no matter where they reside, while leveraging IT investments and adopting new technologies with less risk and redundancy.

This comprehensive integration platform includes capabilities for application integration, business integration and cloud integration, as well as master data management, managed file transfer and a complete suite for mobile applications.

Software AG’s integration platform enables you to:

  • Integrate anything with everything, connecting any system or application silo with plug-and-play ease
  • Share data easily across systems
  • Deliver information and apps to customers, employees and partners anywhere in the world
  • Connect mobile and SaaS apps securely with enterprise systems
  • Innovate more quickly, re-using services and systems to accelerate time-to-market
  • Respond quickly to new and changing business needs
  • Minimize costs and risks by re-using existing assets to lower TCO and eliminating the complexity of point-to-point integration
  • Improve risk management and regulatory compliance by working with one version of shared data

An integration platform with comprehensive capabilities

With the webMethods Integration Platform you get market-leading technology with essential capabilities that leverage a common IDE, installer, run-time, and admin and monitoring tools. Capabilities include:

  • Service orchestration with built-in mapping and transformation functions
  • Service enablement of mainframe, packaged and custom applications, and databases
  • Asynchronous high-speed messaging to Web, mobile and enterprise clients
  • Integration and governance of SaaS and other cloud-based applications
  • Partner management and electronic exchange of documents in various formats
  • End-to-end life-cycle management—from design to deployment—of all integration artifacts including services, related documents and policies
  • Managed file transfer within and across enterprises
  • Master data management of product or customer, reference and hierarchical data
  • SOA enablement with a standards-based enterprise service bus

In addition to our integration platform, Software AG also provides solutions for predictive maintenance, fraud detection, supply chain visibility and more.

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