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Mainframe modernization | Software AG

Mainframe modernization is a perennial problem for the enterprise. Mainframe applications provide the core technologies that the organization and its employees rely on to move the business forward. But as applications and IT environments evolve, enterprises must make difficult decisions about mainframe modernization. Will core applications be “ripped and replaced” or migrated off the mainframe? Does old code need to be rewritten or can core applications be left as it is? Should the enterprise consider a third-party package software, and what would that mean in terms of vendor lock-in?

For IT executives struggling with questions about mainframe modernization, Software AG provides the Adabas?&?Natural Application Modernization Platform, a leading solution for transforming existing enterprise applications to better meet the demands of business and deliver continued value.

Mainframe modernization with Adabas & Natural

Software AG’s Adabas & Natural provides the tools you need to achieve mainframe modernization easily and cost effectively. With this innovative solution you can quickly improve the usability of existing applications and take a low-risk, cost-effective approach to making existing mainframe applications more accessible and easier to use.

Adabas & Natural provides mainframe modernization tools to overhaul user interfaces, improving the user experience and ensuring consistent and intuitive interaction with all of your mainframe applications. This Software AG solution also enables you to deliver business logic as services for big data, mobile, cloud and social initiatives. By providing real-time access from existing and new applications, you can get the most from your transactional data.

Features of this mainframe modernization solution include:

  • Web-enablement tools to automatically transform green screens into modern Web pages and build new pages within easy drag-and-drop AJAX editor
  • Service-enablement and mainframe integration tools to encapsulate business logic and expose it as ready-to-use Microsoft? .NET, Java? or Web services
  • SQL access that enables seamless integration of enterprise data with existing and new apps
  • Replication features for updating third-party databases, data warehouses or enterprise messaging systems in real time
  • Mobile-enablement to securely extend existing programs to mobile devices and applications

Benefits of mainframe modernization with Software AG

With the Adabas & Natural mainframe modernization solution, you can:

  • Give Natural, COBOL and other green-screen applications a new “look and feel”
  • Automate actions to eliminate redundancies and manual processes
  • Re-host core mainframe applications to z/Linux or LUW
  • Improve maintenance productivity and application development
  • Leverage proven technology and practices while improving agility of applications
  • Avoid the risks of rip and replace with a cost-effective approach that is tailored for business transformation
Beyond mainframe modernization, Software AG offers solutions for FX aggregation, hybrid integration, streaming analytics and more.

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Look closer at Adabas and Natural
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