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Predictive analytics | Software AG

Predictive analytics are changing the way manufacturers provide maintenance services and opening up new possibilities for revenue streams. In this age of digital transformation, equipment is becoming more automated and complex, and equipment owners and lessees are increasingly looking for more effective maintenance services to manage and maintain their valuable assets.

Traditional maintenance services are based on prevention—service calls are scheduled regularly to maintain machines, and service teams are dispatched when machines fail. Predictive analytics changes the paradigm, enabling service teams to be deployed only when maintenance is really needed and well before equipment reaches the point of breakdown. With predictive analytics, manufacturers can offer customers superior maintenance services that increase uptime, improve product quality and reduce cost.

Software AG provides a leading predictive analytics technology for manufacturers in its IoT predictive maintenance solution.

Predictive analytics for maintenance services from Software AG

Software AG’s IoT predictive maintenance solution brings together the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming analytics and process analytics into an integrated predictive maintenance solution. This predictive analytics solution taps into the power of the IoT as well as usage and status data directly from sensors and actuators embedded inside the equipment to be maintained. By analyzing sensor data for real-time alerting and combining it with historical data, Software AG predictive analytics technology can predict equipment failures and coordinate maintenance services on a more timely and efficient basis.

In addition to predictive analytics, IoT predictive maintenance takes things one step further to automate intelligent action like dispatching a technician or ordering a part. Process analytics and GPS sensors enable manufacturers to monitor and manage the performance of technicians in the field in real time, reducing the cost of technicians and improving service for customers.

Benefits of Software AG’s predictive analytics solution

Software AG’s IoT predictive maintenance technology enables manufacturers to:

  • Develop new revenue streams by providing more efficient maintenance services
  • Offer customized maintenance services and more stringent SLAs than competitors
  • Gain real-time visibility into the tasks that field service technicians are performing
  • Use predictive analytics as the basis for continuous improvement in preventative maintenance
  • Increase operating margins by reducing the cost of technicians and maintenance services
  • Improve remedial planning for times when maintenance requests are unable to be completed during planned downtime

Software AG not only provides solutions for predictive analytics, but also solutions for FX e-commerce, market surveillance, straight through processing, trade surveillance and more.

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