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Supply chain visibility | Software AG

Superior supply chain visibility is critical to profitability today. With thousands or tens of thousands of supply chain transactions flowing through your infrastructure each day, supply chain and order visibility are essential for making sure you can deliver the right products at the right time at the right cost.

A truly exceptional supply chain visibility solution will not only help you keep the production process on track, but will also enable you to access the insight that is embedded in all those transactions. With the right technology, supply chain visibility can deliver information about sales opportunities, incorrect orders and delinquent payments that can help you reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

For enterprises seeking a superior supply chain visibility technology, Software AG offers a multi-tier supplier control solution.

Software AG delivers greater supply chain visibility

Software AG’s multi-tier supplier control solution provides a single view across applications, internal systems, partner systems and different countries, delivering remarkable supply chain visibility to minimize supply disruptions. Using streaming analytics to integrate and analyze a wide variety of data streams, this innovative solution automatically manages your responses to supply chain events. With all your data in a single view, you can understand where exceptions are occurring in the normal process flow and take quick action to change the outcome.

Software AG’s supply chain visibility technology enables you to:

  • Reduce costs by avoiding supply chain disruptions, minimizing time spent obtaining supplier compliance, and automating bill of material product requests
  • Solve problems with real-time data, identifying success or failure early enough in the process to change the outcome
  • Improve customer service with proactive process improvement
  • Know where to make supply chain improvements and logistics optimization by better understanding where processes failed

Improve supply chain visibility with a rich set of tools

With this supply chain visibility solution, you can:

  • Achieve new insight with real-time visibility
  • Connect to suppliers of all sizes and any level of technical maturity
  • Create and customize dashboards to view only the most important supply chain links
  • Give partners, suppliers and enterprises secure access to the same data and dashboards views
  • Automate identification and management of supply chain exceptions
  • Track internal process handoffs against SLAs
  • Use customized thresholds to flag transactions for manual review
  • Reduce time-to-detection for problems
  • Process massive amounts of “data in motion” from multiple sources and store relevant data in memory for real-time responses

In addition to solutions for supply chain visibility, Software AG also provides solutions for FX aggregation, mainframe integration and more.

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Look closer at multi-tier supplier control

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