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Trade surveillance | Software AG

For financial firms working in today’s real-time markets, trade surveillance can help spot rogue, abusive or erroneous trading and enable them to take steps to address it, protecting profitability for the firm and its clients. Superior trade surveillance technology is part of a strong risk management system that also enables firms to adapt to changing regulatory requirements, stop wild trading algorithms and modify trading strategies “on the fly.”

Software AG offers a trade surveillance solution based on the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine that can process vast volumes of information—including both live streaming and historical data—to detect positive and negative trading patterns across asset classes and markets in real time.

Trade surveillance with Software AG

Software AG’s trade surveillance solution provides significant benefits for all players in market and trading surveillance. For those responsible for markets and trade surveillance on the exchange or regulators side, Software AG provides a real-time automated system for monitoring millions of transactions, spotting market manipulation, and protecting company profits from direct fraud losses, both indirect losses from penalties and the cost of failing to prevent fraud.

For people on the broker side, Software AG’s trade surveillance solution offers real-time visibility and reporting across all of the firm’s systems, markets and asset classes, helping reduce exposure to corporate liability, litigation or government sanctions that may result from violating laws or market expectations.

CFOs rely on this trade surveillance solution to ensure that the institution’s fraud detection, monitoring and surveillance measures are robust and effective to prevent unnecessary losses that can depress current stock prices. The solution also provides a fully integrated, high-level dashboard to track how the organization is monitoring all aspects of trading activity.

Benefits of Software AG’s trade surveillance solution

With this powerful trade surveillance system, you can:

  • Recognize complex rules and patterns to detect rogue, abusive or erroneous trading
  • Create new rules and refine existing rules in real time
  • Process massive amounts of data in motion from multiple sources
  • Make faster decisions and reduce latency by storing relevant data in-memory
  • Customize your trade surveillance platform as regulations change
  • Monitor fraud investigations more easily
  • Enjoy complete auditing transparency and traceability
  • Respond quickly to urgent regulatory demands
  • Monitor multiple markets, asset classes and jurisdictions
  • Merge and correlate end-of-day data streams with intra-day data streams

In addition to trade surveillance, solutions software AG also provides products and solutions for fraud detection software, SAP connectivity, predictive maintenance and more.

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Look closer at the market surveillance and monitoring solution

See info on Software AG's solution for FX e-commerce

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